We are proud to deliver great sounding instrument tracks to compliment your record. Drums, Guitars, Bass, or Keyboards that greatly fit the instrumental. We are working with top musicians and can easily make your musical idea pop out.

These days bedroom producers create more than 50% of the fresh music on spotify and other streaming platforms. This is perfectly ok. What they have is the eager ears to discover and experiment. What they miss sometimes is having the musician’s expertise and experience to emphasise emotions and sonic proficiency. Lots of people are scared their music might start sounding too complicated if they add anything more and they are usually right. We at Creative Labs Studio are proud to be the choice of preference for many artists happy with they way their songs turned out. That’s not only done solely by mixing and mastering. We often add sounds, change sounds, or change the whole part. By adding new flavour our mission is to make something great even better. And everyone is more than happy.

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